Meet Us

Who are we?

We are a local charity based in Cambridgeshire. We support children, young people and adults with learning disabilities in lots of different ways.

We help people live the lives they want by providing them with many different leisure and learning opportunities, along with the necessary support to meet their everyday needs and realise their dreams.

Our community activities allow people to do the things they enjoy most, to make new friends, learn new skills and become more independent. We provide people with support that matches their personal needs whether that means joining friends at the pub, decorating their room to their own taste or creating a home from home in one of our care homes or supported living services.

We also support parents and carers – our trained staff and volunteers provide practical help, advice and useful information. Most importantly, we connect them to other parents and carers so they can share their experiences, insights and advice.

We are a supporter of the The Learning Disability Coalition – where organisations work together to ensure that there is enough public funding for people with a learning disability to have the same chances and choices as everyone else. Please click here to find out more.

What we do

We help people do the things they enjoy most, make new friends, learn new skills and become more independent.

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Your support helps us empower people with learning disabilities and their families. It helps them live the lives they want.